One of the things I love about traveling is how I always get to learn new things about different aspects of our culture and how we are influenced here in America by different cultures around the world, and actually how we all of us all around the world, how we are all influenced by each other now matter where we live.

I recently came back from a trip to China and I was surprised by all the clay tile roofing that is used in their building construction and architecture.

I knew Clay Roofing Tiles are widely used in Central and South America but did not realize they were used in China and other places in the world.

When I got back to the states I was talking to a friend of mine who owns Fortress Roofing and he explained to me that China is where many people believe Clay tiles were first used as a type of roofing material.

He also explained to me that the origin of clay roofing tile can be traced back independently to two different parts of the world. Beginning around 10,000 B.C in China, during the Neolithic Age, and the Middle East, a short time later. From these regions, the use of clay tile spread throughout Asia and Europe. I was very surprised to find this out. I thought it was first made and used in South American Countries like Brazil and Mexico or even from the Mayan culture.

Here in the United States Archeologists have recovered specimens of clay roofing tiles from the settlements of Roanoke Island in North Carolina in around the early 1500’s. Clay tiles were also used in the early English settlement towns in Jamestown, Virginia, and in other towns like St. Mary’s Maryland. Clay roofing tiles were also found to have been used in the Spanish settlements of St. Augustine Florida.

All of this made me so aware of all the different influences we have in America. I know some countries don’t have the large diverse background that we have here in America but if you look back far enough you will find that every country and culture has been effected by others. I learn so much by visiting places with a different culture than my own, I also find that by understanding the culture you can understand why the people are the way they are – on such a deep level.

All of this reinforces my belief in how traveling helps me to learn new things, and gain insight and respect for other countries and other people. Traveling makes me appreciate all the great things we have in my home country while gaining respect and understanding of others in different countries. I think it is important to travel and if you have the means and opportunity you should make it a priority to travel. In addition to learning and growing traveling id filled with fun and excitement. You never know what new adventure awaits you the next day.

Traveling can also be a great way to spend time with friends and family and share new experiences together. If you don’t mind traveling alone, traveling by yourself can be a great way to spend time reflecting and thinking.

I hope you have gained some new insights about travel and all the benefits that traveling has to offer.

And as always I hope you found something encouraging to help inspire you to get out on your next travel adventure!