How to Keep Your Car Glass Clean

How to Keep Your Car Glass Clean
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For the car owners or drivers, one of the biggest challenges they have is cleaning their car glass and ensuring its streak free. They try to use windshield wipers but they don’t seem to be perfect. The windows allow you to see the outside of the car as you drive but when they have streaks, this is not possible and it does not leave a good image to those outside.

  • Always Use Microfiber Towels

When you want to leave your car glass streak-free, the best towels to use are the microfiber ones. They will never disappoint since they are lint-free. The best thing with these kinds of towels is that they are widely available.

  • Do Not Use the Same Towel Over And Over Again

This is another mistake you could be making if you never seem to clean the windows enough. Using a towel more than once on the windows or using it on the body and later on, the windows are highly discouraged.

  • It Should Not Be Too Hot Where You Wash The Windows

As experts advise that you should not wash the windows when the sun is too hot as this damages the glass, it is also because the window cleaner tends to dry too fast leaving streaks. Thus, ensure that the temperatures are not too hot and it’s best done in a shaded area.

  • Consider Your Cleaning Solution

The problem you can barely clean your car glass could be the cleaning solution that you are using. There are different types of solutions that you can use but ensure that you do not use too much of it.

Some will use water mixed with rubbing alcohol and window cleaner while others will use vinegar in place of window cleaner so it all depends on how you use your cleaning solutions.

At What Point Should You Wash Car Windows

Some people start washing the cars from the windows down but this is wrong. Washing the wheels and the body of the car should come first and finally the car glass.

Soap and waxy residue will get to the windows when you wash the body of the car. And if you fail to wash the glass again, you will end up with streaks on it that is the reason it should be the last.

You use your windshield to see the road and seek protection from the things that could fly into your car as you drive. So as not to obstruct your view, ensure that the windows are completely cleaned and unsightly streaks are gone. Having streak-free car glass is possible and as not complicated as you may have thought.